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Here at Americasino we realise that the world of online casinos is constantly evolving and can be a challenging maze to navigate. So we have decided to take the challenge out of it for you and make sure you have the best online experience possible.

We are a group of dedicated online casino professionals including designers, editors, writers, researchers and most importantly players. We have spent many years building relationships with some of the biggest names in the industry as a result we are able to keep up to date with latest releases and more importantly give you the latest deals.

We make sure that the casinos we list provide exceptional customer support, this helps you build a good trusting relationship with the casinos. We find casinos that offer 24/7 support give the customers a better experience and also are more likely to retain more players.

Since the passing of the U.I.G.E.A in 2006 a lot of Americans have found it challenging to find good online casinos. At Americasino all our casinos take U.S. players and use convenient deposit and withdraw methods including Bitcoin and other popular Crypto Currencies.

Every casino we list has fair play and reasonable wagering requirements we also include information on the website that we feel will benifit new players and seasoned pros alike. Approximately 10 million Americans partake in online casino gaming. Players can find their favourite games on our site, just click on the banners and enjoy

This site is here for people to enjoy their online experience gambling should be fun. We only use trusted casinos that we know from personal experience.

When you sign up to any of the casinos on this site you will be in safe hands.

The casinos have great offers including FREE CASH, FREE SPINS & fantastic deposit bonuses.When you sign up to any casinos and want to use welcome bonuses you must make sure you read their TERMS & CONDITIONS as all the casinos have different requirements 


Never played an online casino before?

Please read these VITAL things you need to know: 
Is it safe?

All the casinos listed on this website are 100% safe and secure.

We have personally vetted each one to ensure they meet the best standards online.  
Any information you supply them is totally confidential.  
When you win and cash-out – you WILL get paid. (If no T&Cs were broken).
Are the games fair?
Absolutely yes. We only list casinos whose games have been fully tested and audited by 3rd party regulators. All games are run from a true RNG which means, for example, card games and roulette play exactly the same as they would in a real casino.   
The slots are also 100% random and have pay-outs typically in the 95%-97% range, which is MUCH better than you’ll find in games arcades and real casinos! (Typically these are set to 80% - 90%)
Bonuses – what’s the catch?
Just about all casinos offer fairly large bonuses to tempt you to give them a try. 
The only “catch” is that you have to meet the specified Wagering Requirements (WR) before you are allowed to cash-out anything (including your deposit)


What about all those T&Cs?

Like all responsible businesses, online casinos have to have Terms & Conditions to protect themselves from fraud and abuse. 
It is ABSOLUTELY VITAL that you read ALL the T&Cs connected to any bonuses you take to ensure you comply with the rules.   Failure to do so could result in the loss of your bonus and winnings.   


Good reasons for online casinos

Online casinos are very convenient. players can choose where and when they play on their way to work, sitting in a park, using public transport. They don't even have to get dressed they can sit comfortably on there sofas in there pjs and enjoy there favourite games.

Online casinos also offer a larger variety of games than land based casinos due to no space restrictions in the virtual world. The number of players that can play are far greater as there's  never a limit to players at any one time.

Having a lower house edge is also a great reason to play online casinos as there running costs are a lot lower than land based casinos so the player can end up winning greater amounts especially with accumulating jack pots.

Online casinos also offer great bonuses which a lot of land base casinos struggle to compete with

Such as great welcome bonuses and regular promotions.


Problem gambling

Unfortunately for some players real money gambling can become a real problem. There are some useful things that can be implemented to try to prevent certain issues from developing. All of the casinos on our site provide useful tools that you can use to help prevent issues. For example when you sign up to the casinos you can set daily, weekly, or monthly deposit limits.

Our aim is for people to enjoy their experience and to not gamble excessively all of the casinos we use also feel the same as we do. We don't want anything to spiral out of control if you find yourself gambling more than you can afford then it's definitely time to stop sit back and seek help if needed.




I'm hoping this will help all players including new comers understand that all of the casinos that are on this site are using this (RNG) software. which makes any gambling fair and fun where all players have an equal chance of winning.
How the RNG works
It is important to understand that the slot games do not have a memory. The random number generator or any other part of the slot game doesn't know whether you have won big or lost big. Your fate is usually determined by certain mathematical equations, and the moment you initiate a play sequence, it is instantly decided upon by the RNG. 
None of the spins are pre-programmed no wins loses anything it is all completely random. When you initiate a spin on an online slot game, the RNG starts spitting out whole numbers, at the rate of hundreds per second. Whichever number the RNG is on at the time you decide to spin will determine where the reels stop.
The moment you press the spin button on a three-reel slot game, for instance, three numbers are recorded from the RNG (one for each reel). The first digit determines the first reel’s position, the second determines the second reel’s position, and the third determines the third reel’s position, and the same is true for five-reel slots and other slot game variations.
With this knowledge we hope it helps all players have a better understanding of slots so everyone can enjoy their experience.
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