My Personal Online Experiences

Hello and welcome. My name is Robert I'm 40 years old and I have been gambling for 20+ years.

I have always loved playing slots in the pubs and clubs whether I won or lost, I didn't mind as it was fun.

I am a firm believer in enjoying what you do, if you don't enjoy it then you shouldn't be doing it! 


Gambling can be a very addictive thing to do and can easily get out of control, fortunately I haven't experienced this, I have only gambled what I can afford to lose. There have been many times I have gone weeks without going on the slots because I have had to pay bills.


  I finished school with good grades and went on to college where I passed with flying colors. I have had some struggles in life: I was born with a genetic degenerative condition called Sticklers Syndrome. It has affected my day to day life: I am blind in my left eye and have muscle and bone problems, but it hasn't stopped me from succeeding and I have had some good payed jobs where I have worked up to management positions. 


10 years ago I unfortunately had to stop working due to my condition and spent many long nights wondering what to do, until 18 months ago when I had an interesting meeting with a friend who also loves gambling.

He said "You should do what you love: set up a site for like-minded people who enjoy gambling, but make it safe so they know their money is secure"


So as you will see from this site I have designed it around casinos that will pay you when you win and they are all easy to communicate with. Their very easy to sign up to and as long as you keep to their T&C, then you will always get what's owed to you.


I never forget the first time I signed up to an online casino, it was a little worrying as I has only ever played in pubs, clubs, casinos and bookies. I followed the very easy steps and the verification procedure. After taking their no deposit bonus I was surprised how long it lasted, winning a bit losing a bit: it was great fun and I was surprised at the game play, graphics, variety and the in-game bonuses, some of which I had never experienced before. To say I was impressed would be an understatement!


I rarely play in pub slots now as the possibility of hitting big money online is much better. I have had a few good wins of over x100; my biggest to-date was bet x 900! My heart was racing with sweaty palms - it's something I will never forget.


It was a little bit of a worry the first time I needed to make a withdraw, but because I had followed their instructions, it turned out to be very easy. The money was in my account within a few days: this process was a lot quicker the second time round, it only took a few hours. So don't worry if you find yourself waiting, the first withdraw always takes longer due to account verification.


I'm here to help: there is a contact form on my  Contact/Legal  page 

if there is anything you need to ask please don't hesitate.


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